Monday, September 19, 2011

The D-Day.Ehm, no!It's the B-Day!

So today it's the day that I'm turning 21! Un-believable!!And since I'm home alone, what better than having my breakfast at bed, while I'm waiting for my good friend to watch "My fine lady" with Audrey Hepburn!Things remain pretty girly, despite the fact that I am turning 21!Maturity came some years ago, but seriousness, no, that's still not my cup of tea!




What I complain for, every time a year passes, is that we loose magic!Not that I don't like calm birthdays, but still..I'm not as much surprised as I was when I was 8, when my brothers gave me 2 goldfish!I'm not even as surprised as when I was turning 19!Everything is predictable.Nothing that I cannot know beforehands!!Last year though, I went to Prodigy!! =D

Enough with my mumbling already!!Tomorrow will be a different day, since I'll be the social media supporter (and the 5 rest super bloggers) for Thessaloniki's Fashion Night Out!So, If you feel like that, don't hesitate to follow me on twitter, or simply enter FNO's facebook page for alla the news and updates!


The blogs are
Lorelai's things
Blame it on the boogie
Stuck in a dumb daze
Obsession in Vogue
Eau de Style

As for today, I still have no idea what I am doing..but I'll try to burn the place down!!

Have fun! =)



  1. υπεροχο ποστ! χρονια πολλα καλο μου λενουλακι κ απο εδω! μου λειπεις! :(

  2. Χρόνια Πολλά μαγικά και δημιουργικά!

  3. Xronia pollaaa kai eutuxismena!!!kai gw pleon dn exw kai polles ekplhkseis sta gene8lia mou (23 pleon) alla pada einai mia mera pou oloi me kanakeuoun kai mou kanoun xares, oxi k asxima dld xaxa!I ll stay tuned for FNO!have fun!! <3

    Wizy Wiz