Thursday, September 27, 2012

Des moments belges

I am finally done with my university exams and I am back to reality!That means that I have some free time for myself and for all the things I couldn't do during the exams, like scaning my instax photos from my trip to Belgium!

 I took this in the very centre of Brussels, in Grand Place. Every two years the whole square is turned into a huge flower carpet!

This is the Tower at the central square in Bruges - It's obvious that the view finder was not really accurate and was giving me a hard time!
   Typical belgian houses in Bruges.
  The botanical garden in Brussels.
  This photo has nothing special except for the heart in the sign!
And that last one is my favorite - it's taken at the parc of Brussels, opposite of the Palace! I loved the colours, the perspective, the flowers, the trees and the sky!!

Other than that, I am getting prepared for my trip to Paris!! I'm packing my things and can't wait to get there!



Monday, September 3, 2012

C'est presque l'automne..


 Autumn is almost here!I can tell, because every night I feel the air getting colder..But, unfortunately, this isn't the only sign, that tells me autumn is just around the corner! My exams period just began - it's the time of countless hours of studying and of moments realising you should -once again- have started revising earlier!Hopefully, I believe I can cope with that!My upcoming travels will keep me awake - I'll be going to Belgrade, once more, for a music festival and at the end of this very month I will go to France for two weeks - quite a good reward/compensation, I must say!!

 Two days ago, it was my best friend's birthday and I had some free time and crocheted her gift - it was the last day of August..


 For my very own autumn and winter, I'll have this pink cosy braided jumper to keep me warm..


 You can find more stuff like these at Petit Tricot !