Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunny Christmas mood!

As we all know, it's Christmas in two weeks!And, since yesterday, I cannot wait!It might be so, because I had a really nice day with friends and family, I did some major investments, aka christmas presents for the above mentioned, plus the lights are on, and I'm waiting for my best friend to be back and have a christmas movie marathon together and take some photos in the city, up in the carousels or trying to ice skate!Also, I'm planning a fondue and patisserie-tasting evening at my place with special guests!!


Above you can see on tiny little investment I did yesterday, with the fellow blogger Lorelai , while I'm wearing my brand new shoes I got from Golden Ponies!What do you think?

Meanwhile, there's a new knitting blog out!Remember that?It's on and poppin'!! :)
So, go visit immediately Le Petit Tricot !!!
You will also have a small taste of the pleated skirt, I wanted to show some time ago!

If you are from Greece, you most probably know that Christmas doesn't always mean snow!The ''most Christmas'' I could capture so far, was this..



Also, if you are from Thessaloniki, on Saturday the 17th of December there will be a vintage bazaar at iHeart cafe (Rotonda Square), where I most enjoy drinking my caramel macchiato with my best friend!!
Here, take a look..

Last but not least, you probably saw the changes on my blog, made by Christina! - If you need any help with your own, don't hesitate to ask her, she's always happy to help!

Be sure, that the next posts will be much more chistmas-ier!!