Sunday, April 28, 2013

Flowers and strawberries


Quatre petites fraises




Lately, since the weather is sunny and warm I'm enjoying fresh flowers, books and strawberries! I'm preparing myself for the summer exams, but it's not that I've lost creativity again! Despite my 22 years of age, I started taking ballet classes, so when I'm home I'm wearing pretty much all the time my ballet shoes: the repressed feelings of a girl who didn't get to become a ballerina!! 

 Other than that, I'm packing once again and I'm going to Brussels, to visit my brothers! I was craving for a quick trip to Paris on the 1st of May, but that won't happen, so I'll content myself with trips to Liège, Antwerpen and Leuven! I also found out that there's a Waterstones bookstore in Brussels, which means that I'll make serious investments over there! For the time being I'm writing tons of exercises in russian, I'm reading th Secret Garden and I'm knitting - like crazy - a scarf that I really want to take with me to Belgium, otherwise I'll have to wait until October so that I can wear it!

 What have you been doing lately? See you soon and have fun!


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Berliner Liebe

 photo IMG_8567_zpse72bda00.jpg

 The first days of spring were spent in Berlin with two beloved friends of mine! Unfortunately spring hadn't arrived yet in Berlin, so we enjoyed the city with snow and one or two degrees maximum. The cold weather and the funny moments I was enjoying with my friends, didn't leave me enough time to take lots of photos.

 It was my third time in Berlin, which means that I had already seen a big part of the city's monuments. The day of my arrival was adaptive, i.e I was trying to adapt from the 20 degrees of Greece to the zero of Germany, but despite the weather we enjoyed a nice dinner! The next day we took a free walking tour (, which was really interesting, although some of my questions about the Holocaust monument still remain unanswered. We visited the Berliner Festspiele (Martin-Gropius-Bau), an art exhibition and a photography one, the amazing East side Gallery and walked for hours. This time I enjoyed a lot the Kreuzberg area, the bars near Warschauer Strasse, Hackescher Markt, the flea market in Mauer Park (with tons of goodies), Kastanier Strasse and te beautiful Oderbergestrasse. We tasted lots of different cuisines, such as indian, lebanese, italian and german of course; we ate the best german dishes at a beautiful small restaurant called Engelbarg in Oderbergestrasse. Also the experience was much more better, because I was hosted both in a typical West-Berlin house and an East-Berlin house!  photo IMG_8562b_zpsebf94563.jpg
Bradenburger Tor

 photo IMG_8565_zps27e2a59f.jpg

 photo IMG_8576_zps493314af.jpg
Nikolaikirche and Fernseheturn

 photo IMG_8612_zpsf01dc4ac.jpg
East Side Gallery

 photo IMG_8609_zpsca9f7d5b.jpg
Berliner Mauer; East Side Gallery

 photo IMG_8623_zpsb2d616ee.jpg
East Side Gallery: Painted after a photograph by Régis Bossu.
 photo IMG_8626_zps937747b4.jpg
Warschauer Strasse train station

 photo IMG_8628_zpsea1b7b03.jpg

 photo IMG_8635_zpsecab8b48.jpg

 photo IMG_8638_zps68226a71.jpg

 photo IMG_8636_zps7a4c2f28.jpg

 photo IMG_8646_zps88070a74.jpg 

 As always, what I'll remember most dearly will be the funny and unpredictable moments with my friends! :)