Thursday, July 22, 2010

How about a little travelling?! ..

I'm so excited, I can't keep my mouth shut!!!This winter I'm going t..-I'm going to reveal the HUGE NEWS at the end of my post!! :P

I was thinking that last year was great!I went to three different countries and many more cities!!First I went to Bulgary, Bansko to ski and then in February I went to Turkey. First in Istanbul, then Bursa, after Uludag to ski, then a little bit of Balikesir, tehn Canakalle and back to Greece!My last trip for 2009 was the one to Belgium, which included Bruxelles, Antwerpen, Leuven, Gent and of course the magnificent Bruges!!

But for 2010?What?!Still nothing..I only went to Bansko for 5 days to ski, after my tough exams period!What about Summer?!Stayed here! (Woo-hoo...such an unpredictable summer!!!)..Hmmm, Fall?!Will stay here! (That was in the know, University and stuff..!) But what about Winter?!But hang on a second...Winter 2010 is we're heading to winter of 2011!!
WHO CARES?-I'M GOING TO CHAMONIX-MONT-BLANC!!(And a little bit to Geneva!) There, I said it!!

Once again, after my exams, I'm going to ski!!We made our plans, we found the hostel, where we're staying (hotels are waaaay too expensive!!) and we're getting the Ski-pass Unlimited which provides us the ''freedom'' to ski to all the sides of the mountain!Plus to ones that don't belong to the French Alpes, but to the Swiss and the Italian ones!!




  1. αχ ζηλεύυω! και μάλιστα σκέφτομαι από τώρα πουλοβεράκια και κασκόλ.χουχούλιασμα και σοκολάτα.

  2. ante kai sta dika mou!!! btw teleia i retro photo!!!

  3. geia su ekana tag se ena post mu!

  4. ααααα τι εμπειριες που θα 'ναι ολες αυτες!Τυχερη!και οσο για το μελλον σου που σκεφτεσαι,εγω λεω να κανεις αυτο το μεταπτυχιακο!