Friday, February 8, 2013

Hearts and bows (&patterns)!

I am more than excited to announce that my exams are finally over and I have plenty of time to do whatever I want! I've already booked tickets for my travel in March and I'm getting prepared for the ballet classes I'll take! It seems like my days will be long again, without anxiety and endless pages of history, politics or economics. Since my creativity is back for good, yesterday I decided to try and crochet some little hearts and a bow. The patterns are really easy, so I thought I could easily share them with you!

   photo IMG_8259_zps84858963.jpg  photo IMG_8261p_zpsda682c83.jpg  photo IMG_8258_zpsad33c154.jpg  photo IMG_8263_zpsfa868628.jpg  photo IMG_8265_zpsb37336a5.jpg 

 Bow pattern 
Ch.37 sc for 7 rows. Sew the two ends with the same yarn, with 7 sc. Sew the ends. With the same yarn start wreathing what you've knitted right in the middle. Be sure that you do it tightly enough. Sew the end, and your bow is ready! 

 Heart pattern 
Wrap the yarn around your index finger one round and a half and be sure to keep the end out. Ch4, 5 dc, 1tr, 5dc; after you've done the 5th dc, ch3 and end with a slip stitch in the middle.You can control the size of the hole by pulling the end from the round you did at the very beginning!! 

 If you already know how to crochet, both patterns are more than easy. If you don't know, I could try and upload a tutorial!I've also written the american words and abbreviations, which are more widely known, but if you have trouble understanding something, don't hesitate to email me!! Have fun!



  1. θελουμε τουτοριαλ, θελουμε τουτοριαλ!

    1. άμα είσαι μόνο εσύ, θα στο κάνω προσωπικά! :Ρ αν θες και σήμερα!