Monday, May 7, 2012

Around the corner..

After Belgrade I haven't done much, to be honest!My daily routine has been calm, but enough productive, I must say! - I crocheted a baby blanket and I tried my first amigurumi. I'm reading my books, getting ready for my exams and I'm craving for a pair of quad rollers for my name day, which is about to come, and for a teeny tiny tattoo! Photobucket Photobucket Currently, I am reading Pure, by Andrew Miller. I dare say it's not fascinating, despite a bunch of praising reviews mentioned in the book!I decided read the book till the end, and then you can read my review in Goodreads! (If you have an account in Goodreads, you can add me here) Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket And these are my creations!I must say I'm very proud of myself, because I managed to finish this blanket and I didn't leave the project right in the middle (for procrastination is my middle name)! I will be back soon, hopefully with a more inspiring post! :) Have fun! Bisous, Photobucket


  1. Αυτή η κουβερτούλα είναι, αχ, τέλεια!

  2. H prwth fwto ti teleia!! Balthn flickr! :P