Friday, March 9, 2012

Lost letters..

There's no doubt that every girl (romantic or not) wants to wake up and find a letter in her mailbox!Unfortunately, nowadays people don't write often enough. But, if you're interested in finding a pen pal, here's the right group for you!

Christina from Where the wild roses grow, created this magical group!There you can add yourself, share your interests and anything else you like, and who knows?Maybe some day soon, you'll wake up to a thoughtful letter in your mailbox!! :) Otherwise, you can pick someone yourself and start writing first!

See the group yourself here!

       Sharpen your pens and let's go!
       Have a good night everyone!



  1. wow! τι ομορφη ιδεααααααααααα!

  2. I already have 2 pen pals and I guess I'm getting a third one :) Thank you for arranging such a lovely and fun group! I've been hearing many things about wanting a pen pal and not knowing where to look for it but now we haver a place :) have a lovely week x

    προσφορες σε υλικα και ετοιμα σχεδια για δες

  4. please visit me in free time:)