Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunny Christmas mood!

As we all know, it's Christmas in two weeks!And, since yesterday, I cannot wait!It might be so, because I had a really nice day with friends and family, I did some major investments, aka christmas presents for the above mentioned, plus the lights are on, and I'm waiting for my best friend to be back and have a christmas movie marathon together and take some photos in the city, up in the carousels or trying to ice skate!Also, I'm planning a fondue and patisserie-tasting evening at my place with special guests!!


Above you can see on tiny little investment I did yesterday, with the fellow blogger Lorelai , while I'm wearing my brand new shoes I got from Golden Ponies!What do you think?

Meanwhile, there's a new knitting blog out!Remember that?It's on and poppin'!! :)
So, go visit immediately Le Petit Tricot !!!
You will also have a small taste of the pleated skirt, I wanted to show some time ago!

If you are from Greece, you most probably know that Christmas doesn't always mean snow!The ''most Christmas'' I could capture so far, was this..



Also, if you are from Thessaloniki, on Saturday the 17th of December there will be a vintage bazaar at iHeart cafe (Rotonda Square), where I most enjoy drinking my caramel macchiato with my best friend!!
Here, take a look..

Last but not least, you probably saw the changes on my blog, made by Christina! - If you need any help with your own, don't hesitate to ask her, she's always happy to help!

Be sure, that the next posts will be much more chistmas-ier!!



  1. to kalson mas einai teleio! alla daxei as ekthiaso akoma mia fora tin tapetsaria sou pou eiai theiki!

    ps: oreo to xioni alla mono se foto se tainies, se gif ktl..oxi sti thessaloniki!

  2. Your tights are the cutest ever! <3 and I love love love Golden Ponies! They truly make the cutest things!

    Lost in the Haze

  3. Ti wraio to kaltson! Kai ta papia!
    "It's on and poppin!!!" sourgelo!

    Super ola kai sto petit tricot!

  4. απο που ειναι το καλσοοοον;;;;


  5. Your tights are so completely adorable! Can I ask where you got them? I love Golden Ponies--I need to get a pair for myself someday!

  6. για ακόμη μια φορα... ΚΑ ΤΑ ΠΛΗ ΚΤΙ ΚΗ!
    Καλα Χριστουγεννα!!!

  7. Just found your blog and am in love! New follower:)

    I hope you had a magical Christmas lovely

    xx Carina

  8. Καλή χρονιά! Σε περιμένει ένα βραβειάκι στο blog μου!